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Need Help - Power Windows

This is a discussion on Need Help - Power Windows within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; OK so I'm really desperate for some help and I really hope someone out here can help. When it gets ...

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    Need Help - Power Windows

    OK so I'm really desperate for some help and I really hope someone out here can help. When it gets really hot out (about 90* and up) my power windows won't work. The motor/buttons just don't do anything. But when it cools off at night, everything works ok again.

    A little more detail...
    It started last summer actually. I didn't really make the connection until the very end of the summer, but then it started cooling off and it never happened again. No other electical problems whatsoever. Now this summer it's doing it again. So it's definitely related to heat, possibly thermal expansion or something??? Maybe just a bad relay???

    It's a 2001 Audi A6 Quattro. Not sure if anyone's familiar with those. They wiring and everything is almost identical to a Volkswagon, from what I've been told. So if anyone's familiar with VW's, maybe you can think of something???? It's the strangest thing!

    What's even more strange is that it's the driver's side control that controls all 4 windows. It won't work for ANY of the windows. However, the passenger side control still works on the passenger side door. The back windows do not work with the back controls either.


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    um um um..ive heard bad things about electrical and audi/vw ..definitly hit up one of there sure youlll have much better luck.....or stop at the dealership and ask..they actualy give up free advise ..good luck

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    haha. sorry but 90 degrees feels great. it's about 115 here.

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