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Alpine Type-R SPR 17C

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    Alpine Type-R SPR 17C

    Hey, so I'm probably the worst electronic person out there and don't know much nor really care to. More of an engine guy but, regardless, here's my story.

    Bought the car almost a year ago, has 4g wire professionally wired through the firewall and into the rear and tons of aftermarket hookups for an audio system, the previous owner just removed all the speakers and sub that he evidently had in it. All the speakers were stock when I got it. I'm fine with that as 10-12" subs aren't my thing, I don't want to "thump", but I do love bass. Just like.. refined bass. Does that make sense? Don't want to vibrate constantly. Anyway one of the speakers was blown in the sail so I decided to replace them when i got home. I asked my stereo store locally and he gave me choices of type s or r alpines after I told him they were 6.5". All the other speakers were fine so I left them alone for now even to this day. I bought and installed Type-R SPR 17Cs and put both in the sail. Now, I have to say it does sound a lot better than it did and even hits harder. I'm satisfied with them for the most part but reading has told me they were supposed to be subs? As in.. low bass is transfered to that area specifically? So my question is, I'm assuming the speakers I got are.. speakers and not subs right? And if so, did I do a stupid thing and could a fix be putting my alpines in the door and buying 6.5" subs to put in the sail from kicker or something? My girl always tries to complain saying her stock cavalier system hits harder and sometimes it does kind of seem to, though when I'm not moving and there's no exhaust or drivetrain noise, mine seems to win imo. Plus regardless, it's a lot clearer and like... "good" bass, not just loud regardless of clarity like hers. Sorry for such a long winded post, I have that tendency. If I could just get a "you're dumb or "you're fine" in a basic sense I'd be happy. Sorry I'm no electronic guru.
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    yea it looks like that model is a coaxial speaker, which plays midbass and high's...the best replacement would have been a dual voice coil woofer, so that you take advantage of the amps full power. If you can return them, do so and order the correct speakers.

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