hey guys, im just gonna be honest and say when it comes down to wiring, i dont know what the hell im doing! i also posted this in the general section because i didnt know where to put it. im tryin to hook up my guages and iv read the directions and it tells you where they need to go but i dont know where to hook them up...... ok so my air/fuel ratio, its got a ground ( black), a wire thats hooks to the drivers side pre cat O2 ( violet ), both of those i have done, but there are two wires for the power, one that needs to be hooked to a 12 volt dash lighting (colbalt series 6175 only) ( white ) and the other to a 12 volt ignition switch ( red ) i dont kno what to do with the white wire because my gauges are C2's and i cant figure out what to hook the red wire to either. so if you guys could tell me where you hooked yours up or any and all help would be much appriciated. like i said, wiring is not my thing haha. thanks guys