Its Back ThePerformaBuilt Yearly Holliday giveaway! GET IT FOR FREE!
It’s simple between now and Dec 24th each week wewill Give back 100 dollars to one lucky person who purchased anything from us duringthat week. Then Dec 25thChristmas day one of the people who won during one of those weeks will get itall back that’s right the full purchase price!
This includes Converters, Transmissions and the Restoreunits.
Good Luck to all.
Whenpurchasing multiple items prize amount will apply only to the larger purchaseditem IE” Trans/ Converter combo would get prize amount equal to transmissionstandalone price.
Offer is notopen to our dealers or items purchased through them.
Prizes willbe announced each Friday starting 10/5 and final prize announced on dec 25th.
Final weeksdrawing week of Christmas will not be eligible for the 100 dollar giveaway butwill be eligible for the final giveaway