We at GmPartsDirect.com sells parts near published dealer cost plus a percentage for a shipping and handling fee on OE GM parts. Our prices are discounted for everyone on the website without leaving the convenience of your house. Come place your order with us at GmPartsDirect.com for all of your genuine GM parts needs at discount prices.

We display our total cost, including shipping and handling in the shopping cart, no need to call (during our business hours) to request a small discount off retail prices plus an undisclosed shipping cost. We leave no surprise to what charges may be charged on your credit card or PayPal account, the order total displayed in the shopping cart is what you will be charged and includes the shipping and handling.

We do not require you to contact us during business hours to place an order and request a discount off retail prices. Our prices are discounted 24 hours a day 7 days a week on our website. With our website being open 24/7 this allows you to place your order at your convenience and processed sooner for sooner shipment.

We understand that we have competitors on the internet, if you find a lower delivered price at one of our competitors, please shoot us a PM and a link to the delivered price and we will try to meet and beat our competitor's delivered price. Please do not be shocked by our shipping and handling fees, remember you are purchasing the part at our cost, if you shop around and find the part at a lower delivered price, please email us our competitor's link to their delivered price so we can verify their delivered price and try to meet and beat their delivered price. We want your business and we do not like being under sold!!

Thank you to everyone for the support of GmPartsDirect.com over the years. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Mike W.