Hi All,
Thank you for visiting our November specials. We have some exciting news. Our website is pretty operational at this point. It is a good tool for you to use to get pricing and to order when it is most convenient for you. There are a couple of minor issues to work on at this point and we will take care of them, but for the most part it is great!

You can view it at www.fredbeansgmparts.com

We have shopping cart technology, shipping quotes, create your own account, etc. It even has it’s own parts catalog. While it is one of the best parts catalogs I’ve ever used on the internet, we must be realistic and admit it is not like the GM catalog.

I’d like to discuss our pricing to you. On most items the price plus shipping comes out to what we would have quoted before over the phone. In some instances shipping may seem rather high. We do have noted towards the end of the checkout process that if an item seems unusually high with shipping please contact us. This could mean 1,000 body control module having charged 90.00 or 150.00 in shipping. We realize it probably would cost less than 20 to ship, so we’ll be happy to modify the pricing. The most important part to using our site is the quote on the part itself.

We have also gotten some price increases from GM November 1st and that is not reflected yet on the website on some items, but within a couple of days the prices will be updated. If there is a price adjustment or anything that is needed, we will notify you BEFORE charging you. Just as a note, the order put in by you online is not final and can be adjusted by us, with your permission first, or declined by you later. We do not charge your card for the order until both parties agree on the price with shipping, which this typically is not going to happen. It will normally be the price shipped which is quoted online.

You may call us or place your order online. The last comment I’d like to leave you with is that we will not be undersold. If you find the part on our site, less expensive anywhere else shipped, we will meet or beat that price.

Thank you. Last but not least if there are any issues with the site, please email me directly and do not clutter these sales threads.


||--Helms Service Manuals--||

’04 – ‘05 GTO - 124.95 shipped!!
Please Call For Any Other Make/Model Vehicle!

For ordering service manuals on our website, use part number helms manuals under the Chevrolet make. Please include year, make and model in the comments section.

||--Genuine GM 2005 SAP Bumper/Extension--||

12499608 – SAP front bumper extension – 345.99 shipped.
If ordered on our website shipping will be adjusted accordingly.

12499612 – SAP rear bumper – 472.16 shipped!

||--Genuine GM 2004/2005 Upgrade (SAP) Packages--||

The Sport Appearance Package includes:
o front fascia extension
o side rockers
o rear fascia
o deep-sounding performance exhaust system (base vehicle contains single dual exhaust pipes)
o two chrome dual exhaust tips
17801013 – Primered Package – 1806.75 shipped
17801014 – Torrid Red – 1999.47 shipped
17801015 – Black – 1999.47 shipped
17801016 – Quicksilver Metallic – 1999.47 shipped

||--Genuine GM 2005 Rear Bumper Upgrade--||

92160320 – 2005 Rear Bumper – 242.37
92168891 – 2005 Rear Bumper Insert – 137.34

Shipping is a flat fee of 125.00 in the Continental US!
If ordered on the website shipping will be adjusted accordingly.

||--Genuine GM Auto Cross Grilles--||

12499616 – 194.99 + 18.52 shipping!

||--Genuine GM Auto Cross Spoilers--||

12499666 – Primed Auto Cross Spoiler – 99.00 + 9.40 shipping!

||--Genuine GM Engines--||

12498399 – 2002 + LS6 engine – 5130.13
12480030 – GM Performance Parts C5R block – 6350.00
89017654 – LS2 engine – 4899!400 below dealer cost!
12568950 – LS2 bare block – 959.99
12572808 – 6.0 cast iron bare block – 659.99

||--Genuine GM LS2 Items--||

12568950 – LS2 bare block – 959.99
89017648 – LS2 intake manifold – 248.13
12570790 – LS2 throttle body – 245.05
12572174 – LS2 fuel rails – 110.42
89017587 – LS2 injector o-rings – 20.89

||--Genuine GM LS6 Intake Manifold--

88894339 - Intake Manifold Only - 425.28!!

Intake with coolant pipe and plugs – 455.74 + 12.50 shipping.

For website ordering use part numbers:
88894339 – Intake
12581213 – Coolant Pipe
12570678 – Coolant Plug Qty 2

Online orders will show higher than 12.50 shipping. We will adjust the shipping charge after your order is placed.

||--Genuine GM UltraGuard UPF 44 Oil Filters--

25329389 - UPF 44 Oil Filter

Must order in cases of 6 @ 50.19 shipped!!

||--Genuine GM Cylinder Head Bolts And Gasket Kits--||

12498543 - 97-01 LS1 Engine Head Gaskets (2) – 33.48
12498544 - 02-04 LS1 & LS6 Engine Head Gaskets (2) – 23.86
12498545 - 97-12/03 LS1 & LS6 Engine Head Bolts – 16.21 per head
17800568 – 01/04 – present LS1/LS6/LS2 Head Bolts – 15.66 per head

If you’re not sure which bolt kit to use please email us your VIN# and we’ll tell you!

||--Genuine GM Engine Parts--||

12564824 - '02 LS6 Cylinder Head (Assembly) – 729.75
12564825 - '02 LS6 Cylinder Head (Bare) – 535.66
12480110 - ASA Racing Cam - 375.87
12480033 - LS1 Hotcam Kit - 430.61
88958622 - LS6 CNC Ported Cylinder Head (Assembly) - 989.99each!!

Fred Beans Pontiac Buick GMC Terms And Conditions Of All Sales:
We reserve the right to change the price of any part at any time and/or refuse to sell a part for any reason at any time. Price changes that can be made through the month are final and all sales before and after the price change are final. We will accept no returns after 30 days and all boxes or packages must be in the same condition as which they were received. If a package is received in anything other than perfect manner, please call and note upon receipt. Anything noted after the fact is the responsibility of the buyer. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee and/or a fee for unacceptable boxing or packaging. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of a sale at any time for any reason.