No one else offers what we offer for gauge and other interior overlays, PERIOD and now we are also proud to be the only company that cares enough about these cars to spend the past SIX MONTHS developing a high quality OEM replacement set of needles, IN ANY COLOR YOU WANT, to compliment our McNord overlays or give a custom touch to your stock overlays.

Factory F-Body needles are either red, orange or yellow and are made from an injection molded colored plastic. The plastic itself is colored so there is no paint to remove. If you paint the OEM needles light will no longer shine through making them useless at night.

Not being able to leave anything stock, like all true car guys, our guy Sommer86 (Mike Sommer) spent six months testing different manufacturing methods and needle materials finding the perfect solution to this dilemma. His work has paid off for all F-Body lovers as he now offers us COMPLETE OEM REPLACEMENT NEEDLES in a VARIETY OF TRANSLUCENT COLORS made to light up just like the factory needles. We present to you the S86 Needle Set:

Again, these are simply OEM replacements, they fit right into your stock needle caps. If you aren't comfortable for any reason installing them yourself we offer multiple options that also keep your cars down time to a minimum or non-existent...

1) Do it yourself mod. We send you the needles, you install them yourself.

2) We do it for you, no core charge. You simply send us your needles (just the needles, not the cluster, so you can still drive your car) and we install the needles and mail them back. They will ship back to you via USPS Priority mail within 24 hours of us receiving them.

3) Plug and play, ready to go. Just like the the second option but NO DOWN TIME at all. You order our needles and pay the core charge and we send you a set ready to just push on to your cluster. Then if you want to send us your stock needles back we can refund your core but if you want to keep them that is fine as well (we have a huge supply of OEM caps so we don't have to have yours back).

PRETTY MUCH ANY COLOR IS AVAILABLE. We give you red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and clear to choose from BUT if you want a custom color we can do that as well. As you see in the pics we can do neons, opaques, etc... Just contact us to let us know what color you are looking for and we can make them for you at no extra cost (in most cases).

THEY ARE ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR $69.99!!! THIS IS FOR A FULL SET OF SIX NEEDLES and shipping is included within the continental 48 states. Most orders ship the next day but without a doubt they will ship within 5 business days of payment received.

Stock overlays look horrible, our custom overlays look GREAT but our custom overlays with custom needles look AMAZING!!! Here's a 200mph gauge cluster we made for Edelbrock's Dick Harrell Camaro WITH OUR WHITE NEEDLES...

Having a nice set of needles to match a nice overlay makes our cars feel 10 years newer!!!

Don't stare at those boring and unbecoming factory needles one more minute than you have to, order your S86 Needle Set TODAY!!!


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