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AMSOIL Ea Air Filter – U.S. Military Approved

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    Post AMSOIL Ea Air Filter – U.S. Military Approved

    Keeping your engine clean of fine dirt particles is imperative when considering peak engine performance and longevity. One of the largest areas where dirt is introduced into your cars engine is through the air filtration system. For this reason, the selection of the right air filter for your car should not be taken lightly.

    Wanting to achieve the best in air filtration technology, Amsoil turned to the same industry leader in filtration technology that the United States Army turned to when they required the best air filter for the Abrams M1 Tank. Donaldson Company, Inc is the manufacture of a high-end filtration technology known as Ultra-Web® nanofiber technology (Cited link #1). The development of this new technology began in late 2001 after Donaldson won the United States defense contract to develop a new air filtration system for the Abrams M1 tank in the face of new and possible U.S. military involvement in the Middle East (Cited link #2). Up until that point, the U.S. Army had experienced air filtration problems in the extreme desert conditions during the earlier 1991 Operation Desert Storm conflict.

    Realizing the benefits of this new air filtration technology, Amsoil later gained exclusive licensing rights to market the Donaldson synthetic filter media and produce air filters under Amsoil’s line of Ea Absolute Efficiency air filters for cars and light trucks in 2004 (Cited link #3). Previously, the technology was only available to the Military, Commercial fleets and Industrial applications through Donaldson.

    Order your U.S. military approved nanofiber air filter HERE.

    For more reading on this topic, check out the links and videos provided in this post below.

    Amsoil’s Strategic relationship with Donaldson Filters pdf.

    Amsoil’s The Absolute Facts About Air Filtration – five part video

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