So I'm not getting power to the connectors there's continuity with the one connector but not with the connector that looks like a button ,its circular and pushes on a circular tab, sorry I don't know how else to describe it, but its the two wires from the module. The middle connector on the bottom gets power, but the other two there's none, but like I said there's continuity with the one. I did continuity test with the grid all worked, resistance test from what I understand its supposed stay zero but if number rises there's a break? Which it does. I've checked everything else the relay under the hood, the fuse under driverside dash, everything is good,. The defroster light turns on and off but no heat. I've looked everywhere and tried almost everything, I really need help, oh also with test light there's no power coming to the grid, just the middle wire at bottom of module. I hope all this makes sense, let me know anybody plz. I'm new as well so sorry if I'm not doing this correctly. Thanks everyone