Pontiac Pavement Pounders Shootout - Mid-MIchigan Motorplex Part III
Pure Stock Series
Mid-Michigan Motorplex in Stanton, Michigan, played host to a group of very dedicated Pontiac racers, but there were no slicks, no nitrous, no headers, practically nuthin' non-stock. Because, as you know-if you've been following this series-these were all Pure Stock racers who compete in the annual Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race (PS) each year at this very same facility. The drivers knowing the ins and outs of the track and the track personnel knowing the particular needs of racers who run on bias-ply street tires would pay off for everyone as these competitors were about to produce some very impressive time slips. Let's meet our current crop of participants.
Jody Traylor
Jody Traylor of Pontiac, Illinois, brought his '68 350 H.O. Firebird convertible out to play. Backed with a Turbo 350 trans and 3.55 rear gears, normally you'd think the 350 H.O. is sure to be quick in a lightweight coupe. But how will the combo fare in pushing the convertible's 3,900-pound race weight down the track?

Mark Weymouth
Mark Weymouth of Rochester, Michigan, arrived with his very real '70 Ram Air IV, four-speed 4.33-geared Judge. It's the quickest Pontiac in Pure Stock, currently running in the low 12s and is a record holder. However, Mark was racing on the final remains of the potent Poncho's clutch. Will it hold out long enough to get some pleasing timeslips?

Brad Rising
Brad Rising of Stow, Ohio, competed with his PHS-documented '64 GTO with a 389 Tri-Power, a four-speed, and a set of 3.90 gears out back in the Safe-T-Track. This stout performer had run low 13s in the past on redlines with its mild 067 cam. What would be the outcome today?
Weather Report
Mid-Michigan Motorplex's ambient temp ranged from 55 to 71 degrees. Humidity was 41 to 100 percent and barometric pressure checked in at 30.01 hg. Density altitude of 1,599 feet will require a factor of 0.9822 for e.t. and 1.0185 for mph to chart the theoretical best performance at sea level. As usual, this will be done on the best pass only, based on e.t. Let's see how they run!
Owner Bio: Jody Traylor
Originally purchased for his wife in May 2004 to get her interested in the Pontiac hobby, Jody's '68 Firebird 350 H.O. convertible has provided a few surprises, the 37-year-old salesman told HPP. "I bought it sight unseen, not knowing it was a real 350 H.O. car," Jody explained. "There were just 2,638 YM-code 350 H.O Firebirds built for 1968 and of that number, not many were convertibles. It is rare, I think, because most people probably paid the extra money and got the 400. What makes it special to me is the look with the stripe on the side of the car (only on the 350 H.O.) and, more surprising, the performance is much better than most people expect it to be." Don't think that this 18-year race veteran simply took his wife's car away from her to go racing, however, "What I enjoy most is seeing my wife take the Firebird out for a drive and have fun with it."
Run/TuningLaunch RPMShift Pt. 60-ft.1/8-mile1/4-mile1. 38-deg total timingIdle5,1002.008.97/78.4914.01/97.742. Same Idle5,3002.039.00/78.2414.03/97.793. SameIdle5,4002.039.02/78.3414.08/97.064. SameIdle5,5002.029.00/77.8814.05/97.275. Richen via metering
rod change from BP to CCIdle5,4002.038.90/78.8113.93/97.76BEST PASS CORRECTED
Run Notes: 1) First run cold; 2) Warmer; 3) Falling off because of low gas level; 4) Warm; 5) Cool run best of the day.
STRIP SPECSYear/Model'68 Firebird 350 H.O. convertibleRace Weight with Driver3,904 lbsCurb Weight3,664 lbsFuel Level When Last Weighed3/4 tankFuelHalf 110-octane/half 93-octaneEngine350 H.O., code YMCubic Inches Before/After354/359Engine Built ByDynamic Speed & Marine
Induction SystemAir CleanerStockCarburetorStock 750-cfm Q-jetPrimary Jets0.071Primary Metering Rods0.043Secondary Metering RodsBESecondary Metering Rod HangerPIntake ManifoldStock cast-iron dual-plane
Fuel SystemPumpStock mechanicalLines3/8-in