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ws.666 vs srt 4 neon

This is a discussion on ws.666 vs srt 4 neon within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; you mean side of the engine...

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    you mean side of the engine

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeSomething View Post
    Yea, my friend's Stage 2 beats Stage 3's and can keep up pretty good w/ 50trims, So I know what you mean man. BTW, I was helpin him work on it, and those heat shields towards the back of the engine suck the big one!
    Yea both of mine are off....lolol....dremel tool FTMFW!!!!

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    good kill i cant stand those fuckin neons! lol. some are vvery impressive, but i seriously fuckin hate them! no matter how fast it is, you can't outrun ugly

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    Quote Originally Posted by third_shift|studios View Post
    i'll make this short and sweet-just like the neon's death

    ME: tuned w/full exhaust 2000 ws.666
    HIM: who cares? Actually, i kinda do, b/c I raped him.

    Pulled on to the highway after dropping michelle off at work, I see a GT ahead of me and next to him an srt4- fucking sweet, been over a month since my last romping! I start to maneuver through traffic, knowing the swift movement will lure the neon [b/c us f-bodies just can't do that, right?]. He took the bait and followed suit. Now, i'm not one to puddle jump around cars, but it was daytime/clear and fairly sparse with just enough cars to make some dipping' n' bobbing fun. He stayed on my ass fairly well then we got to a clearing where I pulled into the middle lane. He attepted to punch it, but I stuck out my hand to halt him and slow him back.

    His passenger window rolls down, i see it's 2 young dudes. I yell "i'll honk 3 times and go!" Beep Beep BEEEEP...damn, i was only in 3rd @ 45 . We stuck next to each other from 45-80. I heard his BOV pop twice before I even finished 3rd, but I pulled ahead by a few bus lengths once I got into my powerband...took it up to about 110 and held it in 4th just to be sure no ricer flyby bullshit. Wish i had started in 2nd so i could really embarass him.

    Gave him the for trying, he did the same in return as he drew near and took an exit.

    Oh, the GT i guess wasn't into racing...we had lost them a while back. Fun times.

    Seriously though, to kill an srt4 with me in 3rd @ 45...just doesn't seem like it was a "good car" ? I drove a stage 2 once and it pulled quite well from 20-90. So i'm just wondering if it was a stage 2 or 1...and i didn't think stage 1's had turbos?

    road kill on the srt 4, always fun!!

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    those little neons are quick for what they are, good win!
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    hears one one the owners book does it say SRT-4 or neon???? and the only semi fast srt4 that i have seen is one that runs a 12.60 .. that dude runs any where from a 12.80 -12.60 every time hes normly at 12.65 run after run . i have not raced him yeat but soon ill race him shuld be fun. i hope

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    Quote Originally Posted by KITTvsKARR View Post
    Just put cats back on mine.. I lost 6 hp and 9 tq.. but still not a bad graph for a stock LS1.. This was done a couple weeks ago...

    *edit* Hmm.. but I also added a bunch of weight since the last run from the 12 bolt, Tubular LCAs, Adj TQ/A, and PHR.. might have aided to the loss.. lol.
    Click for full size

    And what happened to your first run? You were all over the place!
    ur dynoing 330+ rwhp on a stock ls1?

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    srt4's are always game, they always tryin to pick on me. I almost lost to one once, on the freeway. I was pulling hard on one and then my engine cut out at the very end of the race. He didn't want anymore but good thing cuz neither did I. My alternator had gone out. I got off on the next exit and pulled over and had to tow the car home 50 miles!

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