Hey guys today I masacred Four cars on my way to the parts store. The first kill was the Riciest Mudstang I've ever seen

Kill 1:

I normally dont report mustang deaths anymore, but this guy pissed me off. First I was merging on to I10 slowly, cautiosly etc... when a white 2003 mustang Vert jumps into my merging lane and hits the juice he flew past me. he then had the nerve to put his flashers on!, so I about 2-3 miles I catch up with him at 70mph, and Attempt to line up as I approach his door, he takes off again using his juice. I noticed he had a huge Tach, and a saleen spoiler . Well this time I'm a little annoyed so I kept with him and passed his ass, gave him a car and a half, took his lane at 120 mph!. But I wasnt convinced I jumped back to the middle lane, and waited till he caught with me. I looked over and he pretended to not see me. Well we were lined up till about 1 mile, I was trying to get his attention while I see he hits is switch again. I stomp on it, we were at aroud 70mph This time I guess he ran out of juice or has a small shot, I really dont know, and I could care less, I gave him bus lenghts then let off... I didnt see him again!


This happend when I was slowing down from the first kill, a white acura was ceeping on me getting ready to do his flyby (I heard him about a mile away)when I down shifted about two cars before he got to me, I stopped his ass on his tracks. The car was just coffe canned, nothing special.

Kill 3 and 4

One ricer SATURN!!!(thats right a SATURN!), and a nicley tuned sleeper civic(props!) they were just about to take off at 55 when I got to them, so I slowed down to their speed, and while I was doing that, they took off. Well it took me till about 70 to catch the saturn, then I passed and I finally caught up with the civic. at 120. So we decided to take it back down to 60 and try it again! This time he waited for the honks. He kept with me till 100 then I started putting some cars on him after 110 I let off at about 140 with about 5 cars on him, He was pretty fast all motor too.

After that I took exit to hwy 151 and went on my buisness.

I stoped at a gas station, and saw an old dumbass old man with a BMW bike. the bike was nice, but he got madd when I asked him how much he paye for it. his Exact response was "My mother says its nobody's buisness, why dont you get on the internet and look it up" so that I did, I got my Blackberry out and looked it up, and then said shit that aint nothing! He took it to heart, and got madd, He said "did your mom buy you that blackberry?" I told him why did yours bought you that bike? I was getting ready to pop this stupid ass old man because He kept braggin and putting me and my car down. I told him everyting I own, I bought with my own hard earn money! Then to avoid more confortation I told him lets have a race, he didnt want to go because he said his bike went up to 170, I then walked away and told him to have a good one, when all that time there was a dude in an LT1 WS6 fueling up, and told the old man what a pussy!

Honestly that old man was pretty pathetic he was in his mid 50's and sounded like a spoiled bitchy teenager, who still lives with his mom.