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Sheriff: 1 Bullit Mustang: 0

This is a discussion on Sheriff: 1 Bullit Mustang: 0 within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; The bullit Mustang if im not mistaken still has the 4.6L motor? The 4.6L mustang does not create the maximum ...

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    The bullit Mustang if im not mistaken still has the 4.6L motor? The 4.6L mustang does not create the maximum horsepower nor torque anwhere close to its redline.
    I don't know what you define as "anywhere close to redline", but the 300 max HP of the regular MGT's comes in at 5750 RPM's. That's pretty damn close to the 6000 RPM redline max if you ask me. (source: )

    And according to this source: ( ) The Bullitt makes 315 HP @ 6000 RPM.... So I'd say the extra 250 RPM's plus the HP bump does more for this car. But what do I know.

    If you want real performance you should defiently go for the take out of the spare tire
    Bullitts don't have spare tires. (source: )
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    Quote Originally Posted by InEEdSPEED View Post
    The bullit Mustang if im not mistaken still has the 4.6L motor? The 4.6L mustang does not create the maximum horsepower nor torque anwhere close to its redline. So in essence would not need the extra whopping 250 rpm increase considering no top end parts were added ex. intake diff heads cam ect.
    Obviously my friend, you do not know what you are talking about, and my words on how the extra rpm would help (see tranny ratios and average HP) went right over your head.

    4.6L with 5 speed transmissions generally do have a small drop from second but ive rode / driven my share and the extra 250 rpms are not going to create a diffrence especially considering after shifting at redline in first it comes into second gear around 3,800-4,200 rpms or so. Pretty much about where the most torque is.
    My God buddy, please educate yourself on drag racing, HP, and rpm before saying something like this again.

    a) There is a HUGE (ie...big) drop from 1st to 2nd. Every bit of rpm you can squeeze out of this motor in 1st gear will pay dividends by putting you closer to your powerband in 2nd. The same thing applies, to a lesser extent, on the 2/3 shift. Not so much on the much closer 3/4.

    b) Why on God's green earth would I want my engine to drop down near peak torque? For acceleration, I want it to have the maximum average HP thru each gear.

    Do you know what torque is? Do you know what HP is? Do you know how to derive one from the other?

    Also if your running 3.73 gears from a highway roll. Which he would have been. Your still running the motor at a higher rpm at all times.
    Things that make you go "duh". And where is peak HP for this car? Down low? Even so, you're still totally missing the point.

    Think torque multiplication (which will no doubt confuse you after figuring out "b" above).

    If the motor operates best at say 4,500rpms to 5,700rpms then increasing your gear ratio on a highway run would basically send you hurling past 5,700rpms much faster to the 6250 or whatever redline the Bullit is.
    What? Hurling? If you're saying that the engine would accelerate faster from any rpm to any rpm (and not just the arbitrary numbers you threw out) with 3.73s than it would with 3.55s or 3.27s, then you are correct. And guess what? As the engine accelerates, so does the car.

    Duh again.'s another one....there is plenty of useful rpm well beyond peak HP in any street engine (some more than others).

    You would actually be dropping horsepower after the peak like a goat off a mountian and then shifting back into a higher rpm than average in the next gear, resulting in a quicker drop off.
    That has got to be one of the dumbest statements I've read in a long time. It actually makes no sense at all. None.

    The only thing lower gears are better for is multiplying torque/hp.
    Newsflash! You can't mulitply HP. You are correct though....gearing does multiply all all speeds. Not just off the line, either. And how does that help?


    Making it great for taking off, but just because it takes off good doesnt mean its going to send it to 150 mph just as fast.
    Uncle. Go do some reading. Or go back to high school (assuming you've been at all).

    I hate to ruin all hopes of spending $150 dollers to cut a second of your 1/4 ET dream.
    Don't believe anybody said anything about cutting a second off the 1/4 ET (dream or otherwise). Nice try though.

    But throwing a better flowing intake and emissions friendly cat back system on a car isnt going to do anything unless your motor is pulling great air and farting some good gases.
    Wow. That's relavent to our.....uh....discussion.

    On a sub par 300 minus cubic inch motor putting a little green air filter and shaving off a little restrictive exhaust is going to do about as much as not stopping by burger king to eat that yummy tripple whopper.
    Is this experience talking, or is this your Wendy's flatulation we're reading?

    How much 4.6 racing have you done? How much competitive racing have you done, period? And I'm not referring to your tricycle.

    If you want real performance you should defiently go for the take out of the spare tire. Thats where the real power is....

    And on your mirror handy remarke. Ill grab a mirror, you grab a book.
    ROFLOL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hey, junior....would you like to compare drag racing resumes?

    I just love it when I get edumacated like this.

    Old Man Downer

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