no kills, just a cool day.

Here lately all the badass cars have been coming out, and I don't know why. its been in the 40s and 50s, and drizzly. But in the last week I've seen a few C6 Z06s, a few A/C Cobras, a Viper, a Lambo Spyder, and today, (2) ZL1s...just a few minutes apart.

My wife's truck has been in the shop, and I was going back to pick it up, in our rental 2012 Avenger, lol. When I see a black Camaro out front, I can tell its different and as we pull in, I see its a, the body shop owner is def a good ole boy. always hooks me up with body work, has never charged me more than 1/3 of my deductible....last time my car was there he actually asked to keep it an extra day so he could buff out and wax the whole thing.

I ask who's it is, and hes like, oh that's my wife's other car, she drives it on nicer days, it usually sits in the garage, its fun to drive....the OTHER a ZL1......bastards, lol. We chat about it for a few minutes and he mentions there's another ZL1 in town, a red one hes seen before. I leave the body shop and drive to a little cafe to have lunch with my mom...and guess who parks beside me, the red ZL1....I was like, you gotta be shittin me.

But anyway, made for a cool day. Even though I live in a litte po-dunk east Texas town, we were recently named the #2 best city to retire in, in the there's a lot of old rich people around. About the only badass car I can think of that I've never seen is a Veyron. Working at the hospital I see Lambos, Maseratis, Porsche 911 turbos and such on a regular basis.