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Ran a SRT-8 300C in the GTP, Ouch!

This is a discussion on Ran a SRT-8 300C in the GTP, Ouch! within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Originally Posted by 98-LS1 What kind of intake? I can't find anything for this car other than a pulley from ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98-LS1 View Post
    What kind of intake? I can't find anything for this car other than a pulley from SLP. Could I just throw a pulley and CAI on the car to get more boost without hurting anything? Yeah I'd like to make that supercharger a little louder too, I love that whine! I took the plastic cover with the insulation off the motor so it would run cooler and sound louder.
    Heres the intake section from the website that casper posted:

    Plenty to choose from there

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    A friend of Mine has a 2000 2-door gtp, I have driven it, its pretty quick, we have suprised the hell out of a lot of people with it. He can keep up with me till I shift to 3rd then I'm gone. We weighed our cars one night, I couldnt believe it, they were the exact same like 3260 I believe or something like that.

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    I like the Thrasher unit myself, its works well and looks great.....
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    I might go ahead and order that Thrasher unit, not too bad of a price either. How much boost can these stock 3.8's handle and being safe at the same time?

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    so i just found out today that the 2004 gtp that i mentioned earlier in here is actually a twelve second car. some guy in ohio had it and he took it on the track a couple times and said and has witnesses that it is a 12 second car. as to high low or mids i dont kno but im gunna go with high. i really dont kno wat is done to the car and neither does the new owner but it is quick.

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