I was in my Jeep.

This guy was riding my A$$ for about a mile and I knew there was a passing zone coming up and as soon as I hit it the guy pulls out to hammer on it. We were going about 45mph to start.

I stopped his pull and started to pull away slightly till he hit drive and then he BARELY was able to pull past me. If I would have stayed in it he wouldnt have been able to get past me but due ot the corner coming up ahead I felt it best to let him by.

The Camaro is a stock 94 Convertible camaro with about 60k miles and it is bone stock. How do I know this? A friend of mine owned. My friend took the car to the track and it ran (just left it in drive) 14.6 @ 95ish mph. I am not sure what gears it has but it is a nice car. I was looking and buying this car a few summers ago as a summer car. Its pretty cool, black with a black top and red/black cloth interior.

My Jeep is a 2005 Hemi Jeep Grand Cherokee with 68k miles and bone stock.

I guess you could say that I lost and I will take it as such. I think that I could stay within a few cars no doubt from a dead stop in the 1/4 with him. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had a rider with me and 5 bags of groceries! lol