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I'm not driving that....

This is a discussion on I'm not driving that.... within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Hello all. This isn't a kill, but it seems the best place to post this. One of my co-workers turned ...

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    I'm not driving that....

    Hello all.

    This isn't a kill, but it seems the best place to post this.

    One of my co-workers turned me onto a sidejob. I call the guy up, and the job is in Flagstaff. It is about two hours away. He is willing to drive. I said cool, and we agreed to meet at the edge of town Sat morning. Early Saturday, he calls me and tells me that he isn't feeling well, and will be a few minutes late. No problem I said. Then, he asked if I was willing to drive his vehicle. I said fine, as I have made that trip over a thousand times, literally.

    Now, I heard that this guy was a landscaper. So, I am waiting in the parking lot for what I am assuming is going to be a pickup. I am thinking with my luck, it will be a Ford, and I thought I'll get over it.

    So, I am eyeballing every pickup truck that pulls into the lot. I was standing outside the TA when I hear someone say, "Hey, are you the roofer?" Mind you, I never saw a truck. Once it clicks that this is my guy, I look over and he is driving a car. One of the other reasons I thought he was going to be driving a truck is because he was bringing a ladder with. He said it was one of those fold up contraptions, but I was still thinking truck. Anyways, he comes rolling up in a car. I said hi, and then noticed what he was driving. A grey........PRIUS. I was dumbfounded. Mostly on how I was going to tell this guy that I was not going to be driving this Prius without hurting his feelings. I managed to do so, and he asked if the ladder would fit in my car. Of course, I said. Not really knowing if the ladder would fit, but knowing I was not driving a Prius for four hours and leave the TA sitting in a parking lot. So, we drove up in the TA. He really is a nice guy, and only bought the Prius for gas mileage. Turns out he has a Chevelle at home that needs some attention. Funny thing is, he looks almost EXACTLY like OBama. Real nice guy. Luckily, we left the ladder in Flag.

    I took it very easy on the way up there and back. He doesn't do well with high speeds. But, when we got back, we pulled onto the interstate at the same time, and I took it pretty easy by myself. That is until I noticed him pacing me. Then, I unleashed the beast. Into third at 80, and gave him a full dose of the Loud mouth and LT's. I think I hit 120 for a few minutes. I am sure he has a real idea of what he was riding in after a full throttle run followed by the old disappearing act.

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    06 duramax wouldn't drive a prius but you let an obama look alike in your car?

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