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How come my forum got closed(i killed a zr-1)

This is a discussion on How come my forum got closed(i killed a zr-1) within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; What did I say. I made a post and it got closed. I cant figure out my software for my ...

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    How come my forum got closed(i killed a zr-1)

    What did I say. I made a post and it got closed. I cant figure out my software for my camera to download my video, but my wife will. My run against the zr1 was the worst and I still smoked it. Did I offend someone? Sorry. I see everyone smoking evos but no one is smoking mine! By the way, the back half is no problem bro. I pulled 12mph in the back half. The video is on youtube from the prospective of the zr1. look for zr1 cecil county in the past month.

    Sorry I meant post

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    I noticed I could not send you a PM or a email. This should be taken up in PM or email as stated in the rule below.

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    All we ask is that you treat us the way you would want us to treat you. If you treat us with respect, we will do the same for you.

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    Thank you, Administrators
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