So there I was, MMOB, on my way back from lunch in Mexico, when I spot an Infiniti G37xS zooming from light to light. So I get behind him at a red (the lane next to him was open, but I thought passing by from behind would hurt more). Light turns and he's off, get's a good jump thanks to the awd, but only 2 cars or so. My skinny ass 18's finally get a grip and I close the gap instantly and as I go to pass on the inside of a little turn, he drifts into my lane and blocks me, but as soon as we straighten out, I punch it and open up about 6 cars before he shuts it down and turns on a side road. I was surprised at how quick he got off the line, but was unimpressed with everything after that. Anyway, that was the first kill in the goat. Still looking for a fifth gen SS or new 5.0 Mustang to see how I measure up.