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This is a discussion on Excuses within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; So this kid i work with has a bone stock EVO and he says he would "smoke my ass" because ...

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    So this kid i work with has a bone stock EVO and he says he would "smoke my ass" because he can drive better than me...but every time i try to run him he comes up with some other BS excuse. so i found this little pic and i snuck it inside his office and taped it to his computer, finally that night he got the hint and we ran... when i looked back he was shaking his head

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    LOL, i like what you did. I guess he was buying time to mod up his evo before he raced you. I use to have friends that gave atleast 3 of the excuses on that meter as to why they cant race the difference between me and you is you atleast got him to race, good kill.

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    lol that's awesome--- stupid evos.

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    Theres some dumb kid where my friend works who claims his car has a twin tubo in it, its a fucking civic, yet 2 months ago when i pulled up next to him at a light and gave him a few revs he wouldnt go. Btw kids full of shit, when i asked him what block he was running his eyes crossed. It was funny. Im gonna get him to race the Trans Am after i get it i hope so i can make some money.

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