So as a few may remember I got in an accident in my camaro and moved to utah. Anyways I have been working for AT&T in utah as a call center person. ANyways besides the point. I was getting a ride home from my friend in his 2007 ford focus. Completely stock hes not a racer but he fucks around in it from time to time. So I see this 1990 mustang 5.0 to the left of our lane and I tell him to gun it past him. He does it and the guy in the mustang doesnt do anything for a light. So he guns it again and I guess the mustang guy got pissed. It took him a good 5 seconds to catch up which I was surprised about. I roll down my window and say "Dude its a focus man we were just fucking with you!" He replies "Cmon man its only second gear!" he says more stuff raising his voice and getting upset. He then proceeds to get behind us and follow us dropping off my other friend. He doesnt turn down the street we had to. I just thought it was HILARIOUS a mustang owner was getting pissed at a focus. A fucking FORD FOCUS! Me and my friend both knew we werent gonna win. If he would of followed us to my friends house I would of told him to race for 5 bills against my camaro.