Ok so last night me and a buddy were in town and we saw a guy we went to high school with in his new Mercedes C class. Im not sure what model it is, all i know is C class. Anyways he was in line at mcdonalds when we saw him and i said id like to race him just to see how fast it is. My car was parked at walmart and my and my buddy had to work in the morning so he took me back and was going home. Well i saw the Benz coming through walmart parking lot so i circled around and got behind him. i pulled up beside him and dropped it out of overdrive to 3rd (i have an a4) i give a rev and he takes off so i punch it. He got the jump but i pass him as soon as my rpms go up. He sai man that car is sick so i say lets go over the levee. We do and we both kick it at about 45 mph and I completely left him. It was like he wasnt even moving. I put about 10 cars on him to 110 where i let off but he stayed in it and blew by me so i stomped it again and caught him at 125 and just left him. Decided to stay in it and eventually shut my car off at 162. i slowed down and he pulled up and say your car is fuckin sick is it stock? i said yeah and he went "damn" he said he hit 150 the other night. I told him it was a nice car and some good runs. We both gave thumbs up and went on.

I dont know what they have in them but it was no match for the stock ls1!