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69 camaro LT1 Vs. Ferrari 360

This is a discussion on 69 camaro LT1 Vs. Ferrari 360 within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; WARNING: Long ass story ahead... So friday ive just gotten off a 10 hour shift at work and im on ...

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    69 camaro LT1 Vs. Ferrari 360

    WARNING: Long ass story ahead...

    So friday ive just gotten off a 10 hour shift at work and im on my way home in my 69 camaro. It has a 95 trans am LT1 with a cc305 cam and full bolt ons. All the little stuff is in my signature. So im cruising towards the next light on my way home and what do i see sitting in the lane next to mine as i approach the light but a brand new 2010 mustang GT. Nice! time to show the mustangs what for!

    But as i pulled up i noticed the mustang actually was the second car in the lane. Damn, i wanted a good race. So as i pull past the mustang i see a bright yellow ferrari 360 with a ridiculously wicked body kit sitting there. So i pull up next to it with a giant shit eating gin on my face. I look over to see a younger late 20s looking guy in the 30 staring back at me with a ginat ass grin on his face too. He looks over at the 69 and says "dude, i love your car." "Dude! I love your car!!!", i said back. So at that point i knew he was a cool guy and this would be a fun race.

    So the light was a very long one and we chatted for a few minutes. Turns out his 360 was a european spec one that was imported, which explains the more wicked looking body. He had exhaust, intake, computer tuning and a few other things i can remember. He said he dynoed at 480. So at that point i knew i was gonna get my ass handed to me. Sure didnt help that i havnt installed my 4.11s yet and im still running peg legged. But i didnt car, i figured i might not have ths chance ever again.

    So the light turns green and we both pedal out, im slipping the clutch trying not to spin the tires too bad. At the top of first were neck and neck nad i start to think that maybe i can do this. Quick fire shift to second and he starts to pull by about a car. By the top of third hes got about 3 cars on me.
    The exhaust coming out of the back of that car sounded freaking amazing.

    we raced one more time, this time i lost by 4 cars or so by the top of third. The guy was awesome and the race was a blast. I never in a million years ever expected someone who drove a ferrari to be that cool. He kept paying compliments to my car even after he smoked me. So we then ended up o nthe freeway together but unfortunately it was too thick of traffic for a run.

    All in all i was pretty please that my LT1, in a car rocking suspension that was designed 40 years ago, with no posi and 3.08s out back kept up that well with a 480 HP ferrari. God i love my car.

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    Nice race, its definetly surprising that you found a cool ferrari driver.

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    good story you have to click on show signature to show it to us though.

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    FUCKIN AWESOME!!! I have only ran into one Ferrari, which in turn beat me by about 3 cars. The way I look at it, I don't care if I win or lose, as long as I have fun. The only time that doesn't pertain is when its a grudge match . Yet again, good fucking run

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    nice,i was sitting at a red light next to a lambo murcielago once and the old guy driving wouldn't even look in my it was a cool sight though,bright yellow ws6 beside bright orange lambo

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