welp this was the first time i'd got to race someone random in the v finally. (i guess people arent intimidated by a cadillac lol) anyways i was just cruising home from work at about 9:30 last week when i 05-07 mustang comes flying up on my bumper the commenses to pass me. i didnt think anything of it until he slowed down and reved the damn thing to red line to try and get me to race. well this mustang had some shitty 16" chrome wheels, a MASSIVE wing and some big white number on the door lol let me tell you this thing was legit to the average 16 year old that knows nothing about cars. well anyways after he revs a few time i figure why not and stick the V in 3rd at about 70 mph (4200-4400 rpm) and give him the hit. well after stretching the last of third out on him ( 4 cars or so) and shifting to 4th then letting out. i had figured my job was done and he would leave me alone. needless to say he followed me off my exit. he decided to run again from a 40 roll thinking he would get me and i didnt oblige. after putting what i would consider busses on him in second and third he finally decided he had had enough and met me at the gas station to compliment me on the car. needless to say i couldnt lie to him and tell him i liked his too.