Well, here's my story.

Originally, in late August I was supposed to be the proud owner of a 99 Z28, but the deal went sour and the seller suddenly fell off the face of the earth. I had cash in hand. Anyway, school was approaching quickly and I had no car, no good! So, I started looking for cars rapidly just for some transportation, ended up finding this IS300 at a local stealership for $18,200 before taxes, tags and dealer fees.

Anyway, this is where you, LS1 owners come in handy!

I'm looking to get into the car I originally wanted. Though this IS300 is a perfect car, well balanced, solid, luxurious and sporty, while a super attention getter.

Here's the car's history...

I've owned the car for 2 months, I've since done the following...

Injen Intake
Apex'i N1 cat-back exhaust
Tenzo R lowering springs (2.0" F, 1.8" R)

I can easily remove any of the modifications for you or trade you as is.

The car is a 2002 "Absolute Red" IS300 with the E-Shift transmission (automatic 5speed w/ OD and button shifters on the steering wheel). Transmission is simply amazing, never a problem with it, shifts on demand in E-Shift mode as well, these stock trannies are known to hold upwards of 500hp stock, and 800 with just a valvebody upgrade!

Anyhow, I'm a detailer and a perfectionist when it comes to my cars exterior and interior. This car is FLAWLESS. I've already detailed it and given it my top notch treatment, swirl remover, polish, wheel wax and the works. The interior is perfect, no flaws just minor wear on the leather on the drivers seat (probably from the 60,000 miles of driving done in it).

I'm looking to get a car worth around 17,000; if less I will need some cash. (I.E. if you have a 14,000 car and want to trade, I'll need ~2500-3000.)

Now for the pictures...

Here she is the night I picked her up!

Just a random park I shot the car at (still before lowering)

And one for color:

Exhaust (not a fart can at all). Sounds like a "baby" supra. It's not loud at all! No drone.