Serious buyer with cash is seeking a 1995 or '96 Firebird Formula convertible painted in Medium Dark Purple Metallic. This is the "plum" or "raisin" purple offered only those two years, not the candy bright purple offered in '97 and later. Ideal car will be well-maintained and adult-owned sunbelt example with minimum circulation (two-owner max), accident-free and original paint with clean record in near-excellent original condition and no more than 110,000 miles. I had an original-owner example meeting all of these requirements last year but let it slip through my fingers -- I'm hoping there are still a few examples around that may potentially be FS.

Prefer automatic car and Formula model, but will also consider Trans Am and 6-speed cars.

Thanks to all for any info leading to me one finding one ---I've wanted one since they came out and can finally now afford one!