Looking to trade or sell my bike and truck together. The truck is a black 1997 Chevy S-10. The truck shows 120,000 miles, but there was a newer engine put in at 110,000 miles. The truck runs and drives pretty good. It has a set of 16 inch Eagle Alloys. There is also a stereo system in the truck. The stereo system has;

2 AudiBahn Dub Edition 12’s
1 2000w Volfenhag 2 Channel Amp w/ Bass control
2-12inch sub box w/ spacer rings
1 Volfenhag 1.2 farad capacitor

The only thing wrong with the truck is that it has no mirrors. I was planning on putting after market mirrors on it, but never took the time to order them. The stereo system in this truck is very loud. I took it to have it SPL tested, and it hit 143.9 db with most of the bass levels turned down. The stereo system is awesome!

As for the bike, it is a 2002 Honda CBR F4i. It shows 13,000 Miles on the engine. The bike is in perfect working order. It runs and drives great. The only thing that the bike is missing, is the two side fairings. The bike and truck are priced well under retail sell value because of the missing fairings and the fact that it has not fully been put back together. The bike also needs the new tail lights to be wired up. You can find a wiring diagram over the internet for it. The bike has not been put all the way back together yet, because of the missing fairings. It is very easy to put it back together once the new fairings are with it. The bike is back together enough so that it is street legal. The bike has new fairings all the way around, with the exception of the side fairings. I just put a brand new, in the box, Akropovic Exhaust on it. This bike sounds mean. If you know anything about bikes, then you will know that Akropovic is the best exhaust system that you can buy for any bike. I also purchased a War Eagle Flush Mount Undertail, that is temporarily fastened to the bike. As it stands, the bike is unpainted, except for the Tank and front fender because they are the only things that have not been replaced. Like I said, all the other fairings are new. The painting is left up to the purchaser. The tank does have a small dent in the left side, but it is an easy fix. I also have a new seat lock and set of keys for the bike. I will also give the purchaser the name of the website where they can purchase fairings for this bike at a very reasonable price. ($305 shipped)

If purchased, the bike and truck will come with the following accessories;

Tie Downs
2 Full Faced Motorcycle Helmets
Tank Bra –for bike
All of the old motorcycle Parts
Fender Eliminator Kit

With all of the extra parts that are not going to be used for this motorcycle, the purchaser of the two could sell the items on eBay for a fist full of cash. These parts are not cheap, even if they have been scratched, etc.

What I am looking for is a 96 or newer Camaro, or a 97 Trans AM WS6 or newer car. The car MUST be a 6 speed, and MUST have T-Tops. I would prefer the car to be black, and have leather, but if not, that is fine.
I will KBB the car when the offer is made, and if it is close to the amout of the truck and bike, then I will trade straight across. If not, the a deal will have to be made. If you have any questions, then just email me. I will be able to respond to you more quickly that way. Also, you can see what the bike is capable of if you go to my MySpace page and check out the video. Also, just in case you are wondering, the bike has a set of newer tires on it. The tires that are on it now were not used in that video. Thanks, "Oz"



Heres a link to the eBay version of it. Unfortunatly it didnt sell.