I have a 2006 GMC Sierra ext. cab Truck. White. Has white camper shell. 23,000 miles. Flawless, I am original owner, zero issues of any kind. 4.8ltr V8. Great AC, automatic. Tinted windows.

A basic Work Truck (manual windows and locks, vinyl floor, no carpets). This has been used as a family freeway truck (all freeway miles taking my family back and fourth from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Currently registered in Vegas. No mess or odor, or any weirdness. Rear bench seats fold up.

Looking for a 1999+ Corvette. No red, preference for white and automatic, but I am flexible. No major damage, clear tittle. I can add cash on my end, but not too much. Prefer local as in Utah, AZ, CA, NV. I am in Las Vegas NV.

estranho@aol.com for direct contact.