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Gauging Interest: Modded '02 WS6 Silver/Black M6

This is a discussion on Gauging Interest: Modded '02 WS6 Silver/Black M6 within the Vehicles For Sale / Trade forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; I am thinking of selling my '02 Pontiac Trans Am WS6. I have owned the car since 2002, but just ...

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    2002 Trans Am WS6

    Gauging Interest: Modded '02 WS6 Silver/Black M6

    I am thinking of selling my '02 Pontiac Trans Am WS6. I have owned the car since 2002, but just don't drive it anymore. It is a great car, I've spent a lot of time and money building it and would hate to see it go, but I just have too many other projects on my plate right now. I will try to post some pics tonight or tomorrow. The car has been garage kept and is very clean. There are just a few minor scratches in the paint, and the interior is close to perfect. What I'd like to know is whether or not I am asking a fair price for the money/time invested in the car. As you can see, I have over $11K invested just in parts (not including labor). Considering my total investment is well over $50K, would $25K be a reasonable asking price? The car made about 360HP at the rear wheels, which calculates to around 400HP at the flywheel with just bolt-ons. It has only been to the track once, about 5 years ago when it was still completely stock, and only made 3 passes. Since then, it has never been raced. Here are the details:

    -Bright Silver exterior
    -Black Leather interior
    -6 Speed Manual Transmission
    -Traction Control
    -Approximately 52,000 miles

    Engine Mods:
    -K&N FIPK ($330)
    -FAST 90mm LSX Intake ($840)
    -FAST 90mm Polished Throttle Body ($440)
    -FAST Anodized Fuel Rails w/custom built stainless steel braided fuel line ($300)
    -Granatelli MAF ($300)
    -Dynatech Long Tube Stainless Steel headers w/custom built off-road Y-pipe ($1500)
    -B&B Tri-Flo Catback Exhaust quad-tip ($850)
    -MSD Blaster Coils ($600)
    -MSD 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires ($60)
    -160 degree Thermostat ($45)
    -LS1 Edit for making changes to the PCM ($450)
    -Professional Dyno Tune at current set-up ($400)
    -O2 codes have been disabled so the SES light doesn't come on due to the off-road Y-pipe

    Drivetrain Mods:
    -Strange 12-Bolt rear end w/Aluminum Cover ($2700)
    -SLP Skip shift eliminator ($30)
    -B&M Ripper Shifter w/SLP leather knob ($215)

    Suspension Mods:
    -Spohn Adjustable Torque Arm (Chrome Moly) w/Driveshaft Safety Loop & Chrome Moly Spherical End - Red ($540)
    -Spohn Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms (Chrome Moly) w/Spherical Ends - Red ($240)
    -Spohn Adjustable Panhard Rod (Chrome Moly) w/Spherical Ends - Red ($170)
    -Spohn Strut Tower Brace - Red ($70)
    -KYB AGX Shocks/Struts ($410)
    -Crossdrilled/Slotted front rotors ($200)

    Appearance Mods:
    -5% Tinted Windows ($250)
    -WigWag headlight flashers w/concealed switch
    -Rear strobe lights mounted in tail lights & reverse lights (total of 6 bulbs) w/concealed switch
    -Clear marker lights
    -White faced gauges/headlight switch/HVAC controls ($100)
    -Triple Gauge Pod w/Autometer Phantom Air Fuel Ratio, Trans Temp, and Boost gauges ($220) NOTE: Air Fuel gauge is hooked up to the factory O2 sensor, but will function better with a wideband O2 sensor. Also, the trans temp gauge is not hooked up, but I do have the sending unit, and neither is the boost gauge.

    Stereo Mods:
    -Alpine CDA-9827 CD/MP3 head unit ($200)
    -Alpine Type R 6.5" Component front speakers ($250)
    -Alpine Type S 6.5" Coaxial rear speakers ($100)
    -Alpine MRD-M900 mono amp w/capacitor + wiring for subwoofer (had a 10" subwoofer installed but removed the sub and box - the amp and wiring remain)

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    1996 Trans AM WS6

    since i am in the market for a fbody and you asked the question i will give you my point of view.

    I would NOT spend anywhere close to $25k on a car with 50k+ miles on it. on autotrader (with in 200 miles of my town) there are at least 4 cars with under 10k miles on them for $20-$25k and if i wanted to spend that much i would just buy a car with less miles than one that has been modded. most people will prolly agree and want to shy away from a modded car.

    mods rarely add value to a car and in a lot of cases will take value away. if your car is in perfect shape and you find somebody that wants a modded car you should expect around $18k.

    best of luck to you!

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    You have some nice mods and it's a desirable car but I don't see the 50k+ investment. Your car is normally aspirated with bolt ons. I think bone stock it's a low teen car with mods maybe mid teens I think the other poster has a good starting price for you around 18k. I just don't see this kind of car bringing the kind of money you are thinking about.

    Best of luck to you sounds like a cool car.

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