Up for sale is my 1995 Chevy Ĺ ton 2wd pickup. Itís extended cab short bed and is dark metallic green in color with tan captain cloth seats up front. The truck has nearly 162K miles on it but runs very good. No real major problems engine wise since owning it at 98K other than a new radiator and a few small things here and there such as hoses and what not. Iíll try to list everything it has and its flaws.

4Ē Rancho lift in front, 2Ē in rear. The suspension in front is equivalent to a 1 ton and the rear suspension is the stock 10-bolt axle with 2Ē blocks and Rancho shocks in rear. This also includes the ball joints that were put on in the last 500 miles because I failed to do them when I put the suspension on. It makes the ride height about equal as a same model stock 4x4 and comes with 30x9.50x15 BFG All-Terrains in the back and Dominator all-terrains up front with probably 75% tread or greater on all 4. Also a spare is included.

Front and rear Ranch Hand replacement bumpers. These things are heavy and are the reason the new heavy-duty suspension went on. Personally I love these things. They give the truck a tougher look and are an added safety bonus.

Flowmaster 40 Series Exhaust, single in, dual out with rolled tip coming out at a 45 degree angle. There not to terribly loud and cab noise is also pretty quiet.

Also has a Sony XPlod 200watt deck with the front door speakers replaced with Sony XPlod speakers. Much better over stock.

The Flaws
The Truck has 162K miles so itís not perfect. The clear coat is coming off in a few places but itís not terribly noticeable. The truck is driven on the ranch often especially in the fall and therefore has some scratches. There are three small chips in the driver door and one small ding no bigger than a hand and not very deep from hitting a tree stump. I would like to emphasize its not very noticeable. The inside of the bed is what I expected from a work truck, scratched. The CD player is acting funny lately. Turn it up to loud or hit a big bump and it shuts off temporarily. Itíll be fixed before sold. Gas Gauge quit working; itíll be fixed before sold. New Windshield on Wednesday (7-26) 18-wheeler got meÖ.Interior has some stains, mostly from coffee. Seats are very good, no tears but the power seats donít work, neither does the power mirrors, everything else does. There is also a crack on the dash

This truck would make a great work truck, first truck, or just someone that wants an older but not to terribly ragged out truck. $4500O.B.O.

Now, the reason for selling is because Iím looking for a LS1 F-Body. Color doesnít matter but it must be in good condition, under 85K miles, and M6. No more than $11,000 but let me know and Iíll see if I cant work with something close. Iím also open to trades My truck plus cash for your car. Thanks

Pics can be sent via email probably on Tuesday. Just lemme know.