At a point in my life where I just don't enjoy the car like I should and it is time to move on I believe. Will miss the car terribly but have not driven it much the past few years. Car has 44k miles ~20k of that is forced induction and asking $18,000. I know this looks like my first post but joined this site a long long time ago shortly after I bought the car, but I have not been to the site in years and have probably missed a lot. Have posted many times in the past, but again that was a long time ago so not suprised I got reset and probably forgotten as I wasn't a huge poster when I did. I haven't done any work on the car for a long time so going from old memory here but here is a list of the modifications to my NBM 2000 Trans Am WS6.

2000 Trans Am WS6

Incon Twin Turbo 4 lbs of boost with bigger better oil pump not the crappy one that came with the kit

LS6 Intake

Ported LS1 heads

40 lb injectors

Diamond Forged Pistons

Forged Pushrods

Thunder Rading Camshaft 227/224 .569/.563 114 LSA

Pro 5.0 Shifter cut down a bit to be even shorter.

SPEC Stage 3 clutch ~4k miles on it.

Clutch master and slave have been replaced as well.

NGK plusgs about due for a change in ~5k miles

Line Lock kit even though I haven't used that in years.

Replica Chrome Z06 rims and Stock WS6 rims (Stock ones will not fit over the brakes) Z06 rims have something on them not sure what, but I guess someone got mad at me for some reason and poured something on them, thinking some sort of acid or something. I'll post close up pictures later or email if you want them, its not terrible but it is visible.

StopTech Big Brake Kit



BMR Springs

BMR Adjustable Trq Arm


BMW Sway bars

Bilstein shocks

Ed Wright Tuning

SLP Loudmouth exhaust

Column Dual gage pod with boost and Fuel presure + (Column 3 gage pod and oil temp gage never installed)

Front tires in great shape, rear tires need replacing on Z06 rims, stock rims have almost brand new Nitto 555 road racing tires.

Ghostflames Paint job

44k miles.

Last dyno was before the pistons and ls6 intake and a couple other minor mods but was 505.4 rwhp and 485 rwtq.

Best 1/4 was 11.8 @126 mph serverly traction limited but its pretty much a road racing suspension so not shocked.

Yes it has been on the 1/4 drag strip a few times and it has been to Mid America twice, Brainard once, Gingerman once and Road America once.

It did have the driver's side rear quarter panel repainted thanks to my wife's exboyfriend keying it down to the metal. It also had the front nose replaced and repainted after it got back into once. Other then that car is clean and will be more then happy to provide the VIN for anyone who wants to carfax.

Pictures can be found at That is the best I can do from work right now, I will post engine bay pictures when I get home, the turbos are almost impossible to see when not on a lift or under the car but will do my best to get shots of them.

I know I am forgetting somethings, I just don't enjoy the car like I used to and it deserves to be driven a lot more then I drive it. The car has always had regular oil changes and it did have the Tranny replaced around ~3k miles under warranty because it would pop out of third gear and hasn't done it since they replaced the tranny. Turbos were installed at ~24k miles. Interior is just about 100% stock minus the gage pillar and shifter. I am the original owner and bought it with 8 miles on it. I am employed and happily married so this is not a must sell situation so don't bother low balling me. I will entertain fair offers. Its a great car and I am sure there will be tears when it leaves my driveway, but for me it is time to move on I think. If you want to speak with me feel free to PM me and I'll be more then happy to give you my number or if your close or know someone close and want to see it, that is not an issue either.