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1989 Mustang GT

Engine: GT-40 heads, Lunati blower cam, Trickflow Split ratio roller rockers, Kenne Bell polished supercharger, FMS 30# injectors, 70mm throtle body and EGR spacer, 73mm MAF, BBK cold air kit, MSD BTM and Blaster coil, BEGI adjustable FMU, BBK fuel pressure regulator

Drivetrain: Tremec 3550 close ratio trans, Centerforce Billet flywheel, Heavy duty clutch, FMS aluminium drive shaft, FMS 3:27 gears, Hurst short throw shifter

Exhaust: BBK chrome shorty headers, Bassani X-pipe w/ high flow cats, Flowmaster cat back system

Exterior: Cervini Stormin' Norman hood, Street Heat II cowl, shaved locks and antenna

Wheels and tires: FMS pony rims, dry rotted tires and worn out drag raials

Interior: FMS 160 MPH speedo intalled at dealer when new

Brakes: Power Slot front rotors w/ carbon metalic pads

Electronics: Viper 800 ESP alarm and remote start

From his mouth.
Since I bought my 05 GT i really dont have any interest in my Fox body I'm just too tall for it. So its up for sale. You can see the specs on in my profile (posted above). Its only got 89,000 original miles on the body, motor has less than 10K, supercharger and clutch have about 7k miles

asking $7,500
Let me know if you have any interest or offers. He's not looking to trade for anything.
Located just outside of Richlands NC.

I'll let you waste my time before I let you waste his. lol. Sorry to be a middle man but I've had a friend try to sell a car of mine and got hit with a bunch of low ballers and people that weren't serious.

PS, the 05 is supercharged too so it's not like he went to some stock GT

More engine info he emailed me.

It is a fresh 5.0 started w/ a brand new ford block has les than 10k on it GT-40 heads mildly ported , lunati blower cam. I have 2 pulleys for the charger the stock one puts out consistent 8 psi the other one has put out 18+psi. as far as the HP goes it has never been on a dyno. Which is basically what the car needs is a dyno tune to get the full potential out of it. With just the stock motor(heads cam and injectors all stock) and the stock pulley on the blower with no traction I ran a 13.7 at 104.7 MPH in the 1/4 and has not really been run at the track since. but my guess is that she should run low to mid 12's easily if tuned properly I have just lost interest in the 89 once the 05's hit the street.

Like I said, email me at