1987 Buick Grand National
Needs a paint job, but not that bad.
Rebuilt motor, to stock specs, 4k miles on it.
Rebuilt Tranny to stock specs, under 20k miles on it.
Interior is very nice, shows some wear on the seats, and one rip by drivers shoulder.
Needs some TLC, very nice driving car.
Little bit of squeaking brakes, but they are ok.
Has an oil leak from where there is a booster plate put in, easy fix. Slight Slight oil leak from rear main seal, nothing to worry about since it is super super common. Leak from valve covers, just needs gaskets, another common problem.
Oil and oil filter just changed.
Runs good, no knock at WOT.
Just had a cat back exhaust put on about 5 months ago, and it has an adjustable wastegate, but i leave it at 12 lbs, and it has a shorty ram air intake maf pipe on it with a big 9 inch k and n filter. Car is located in my house in my garage and has minimal rust. Ive only found 3 places on the body where there is rust, no bigger then silver dollar size. Car is located in Northern NJ, and very accsessable. Car is for sale locally so if iterested please let me know. Looking around $7,300, negotiable.
I have more pics, just send me an e-mail if you are interested and I will be able to send you more pictures.