The time has come to give up my baby. I dont make enough money to own 2 cars, so I have to get one that can handle everything I do. I drive a hour to work every day and on weekends I need a truck to haul things around. I put my SS on Autotrader last night and am asking $19,725. This Sebring Silver Camaro SS is 1 of only 465 with a manual transmission. The cam and headers help it put out 375 HP to the rear wheels and the sound coming out of the center mount SLP quad exhaust is like a top fuel dragster when going under an overpass. If you like a good sound system inside the car, it has an eclipse head unit with MB Quart component speakers in the door, Eclipse 6" right behind your head and 1-10" Diamond audio sub sitting on 2 amps in the trunk. As far as looks, I put a pair of Halo Headlights on to really make it stand out both during the day and at night. The 6 speed transmission has been beefed up and is in great shape along with the new stage 2 clutch and brakes. Although it has 55,000 miles on it, you cant tell.

Your thoughts?