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Buy my wrecked 402 Z28 GET A DD V6 Camaro FREE

This is a discussion on Buy my wrecked 402 Z28 GET A DD V6 Camaro FREE within the Vehicles For Sale / Trade forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; There are 3 videos and a ton of pictures I just put on my photobucket account I would rather ...

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    1998 z28

    Buy my wrecked 402 Z28 GET A DD V6 Camaro FREE

    There are 3 videos and a ton of pictures I just put on my photobucket account

    I would rather not deal with parting this car out and would love to sell it complete for $9500. That price for the complete car is firm. However, I will include a maroon 1996 Camaro V-6/5-speed that runs and drives like it has everyday for the last year FOR FREE. Both cars have clear titles in my name and I will ship. The 402 car needs a rear clip after rolling down a driveway and into a tree at 20mph. The 1996 car has a clean and clear clip ready to be put on it. I hate to part with it but I am a medical school student and have neither the time nor the drive to fix it myself. I have little history on this site but over 2700 posts on LS1tech and 25+ positive trader feedbacks and I am verified paypal. Please call me if seriously interested in purchasing this car and getting the other one just for the heck of it as I do not check this site often. 918-272-5605 and 918-361-2368. Ask for Mitchell and if unavailable leave a message.

    -1998 Z28 Sebring Silver in color. The interior is ebony. I am located in Owasso, Oklahoma. Verified Paypal with plenty of history/feedback on this site. The motor, transmission, and rear end are fully documented and will come with receipts. They were assembled and installed by professionals and are in absolutely perfect condition. The body has 100k miles on it but the motor and transmission have 12k documented and rear end has 20k documented. Over $35k in receipts in my file cabinet for this car not counting its original purchase. It needs a new rear clip as some dumbass (me) left it in neutral and let it roll down a driveway into a tree. Replace the rear clip and have my baby as your beast, I lack the time and have lost interest.

    Now on to the good stuff.....

    SDPC built LS2 based 402 stroker with less than 7500 miles since install
    Parts list:
    -GM LS2 aluminum block
    -GM bell housing dowels,
    -GM head dowels,
    -GM main bolts,
    -Durabond cam bearings,
    -GM drain plug, dumbell plug and drain plugs,
    -Clevite main bearings,
    -Eagle crankshat,
    -Skat connecting rods,
    -Clevite rod bearings,
    -Manley pistons (-12cc),
    -Total Seal Piston rings,
    -SDPC Timing Set,
    -Katech Sensor Harness,
    -Manley pushrods,
    -LS7 oil pump and LS7 lifters,
    -.040 Cometic head gasket set,
    -ARP head bolts
    -GM Valley cover
    $7000+ new from SDPC with receipts, asking $5000 buyer pays shipping and paypal fees

    -Full Assembled L92 heads
    -milled to 62cc chamber from the factory 70cc for a bump in compression. I believe they can be milled down to 59cc if desired but I am not certain. They have the GM 2.16/1.59 intake/exhaust valves. They have Manley springs good to .650 lift with titanium retainers, hardened locks and small diameter valve seals. Flow numbers from posted
    Lift Intake Exhaust
    0.100 72 63
    0.200 148 126
    0.300 212 162
    0.400 264 189
    0.500 302 205
    0.600 322 214
    0.700 316 221
    $800 WITH the spring upgrade and mill job
    -Bare L76 Intake $300
    -Nick Williams 90mm Throttle Body $375
    -L76 fuel rails with LS7 injectors $100
    *L76 intake, throttle body, lid, filter, bellow, rails and injectors for $750*
    -SLP Lid with new K&N $110
    -SLP 1 3/4in long tube headers $330
    -SLP off road Y-pipe with 3inch piping to the rear of car $200
    -Brand New 3 chamber Magnaflow muffler $75
    *Full exhaust from headers to muffler for $475*
    -FMVB 4L80 transmission
    -over $2800 in new internal parts not counting $1000 core and labor-upgraded O/D planet, over run drum, center support, rear ring gear, Red Eagle HD kit with all Red Eagle frictions and Kolene steels, direct and intermediate Powerpacks, Red Eagle Rear Band, Red Eagle Front Band, upgraded sprag, Stage 3 transgo full manual valve body kit.
    -Yank 4L80e conversion cross member w/ tq arm mount $160
    -TCI TH400 Slip Yoke $70
    -Precision Industries (Vigilante) 3-disc 9.5in lock up converter for 4L80e to LSx conversion, stall speed is 3600. I will include TCI flexplate. Over $1000 new, asking $800
    I will sell the entire transmission, stall converter and everything needed for the swap for $3000
    -New GM 10 bolt with 20,000 documented miles. Posi-trac, 2.73 gears, no whine, works perfectly. $600
    -2 ebony Trans Am door panels, leather, NO cracks, power windows/locks, I will include all trim pieces associated with door panels $250
    -ebony AC vents (pair) $40
    -ebony radio bezel $30
    -ebony lower center console $100
    -ebony top section center console for an automatic $100
    $150 for both sections
    -Camaro ebony dash (not portion under windshield, that is cracked) $100
    -ebony carpet great condition $120
    -gauge surround bezel (ebony) $40
    -ebony backseat panels $100 for the pair
    -ebony hatch speaker panels $70 for the pair
    -6000k HID low beams bulb and ballast $100
    -6000k HID high beams bulb and ballast $100
    **Buy the high beam AND low beam HID kits for $160

    *Paypal preferred but money order's fine too
    *Buyer is responsible for shipping and 3% Paypal fees
    *Prices are OBO but no lowballers please

    -The 1996 Camaro V6 5-speed I am throwing in for free was my brothers and he has given up on it and I aquired it for $100. It is need of frame repair due to a rear end collision in the past. Rear end has begin to shift to one side as seen in the pictures due to this. The frame can be fixed and the car would be great for a first car or a beater car because you can't really worry about messing up its looks. This would be great to use as a rear clip donor on the other car I have I just have no time or desire to mess with it anymore. Interior is in great condition. Car is also a T-top car [b]$1300 by itself[/

    There are 3 videos and a ton of pictures I just put on my photobucket account
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    trans am 00 ws6
    1998 camaro ss vert

    i would be interested if some prices come down pm me.

    sidenote: i would show wrapping the car to 6700 rpms in the video.

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