99 cadillac escalade, id say its a 8 out of 10 as far as the shape of it. looks good for a 9 year old truck, it does have some scratches adns tuff, but it waxs up really nice, no dents or dings.
interior is great, nice soft leather interior, no rips or stains. tires are 8 months old, water pump 3 weeks old, alternator replaced about 5 months ago.
only 72k miles, and almost all highway, this thing runs like its new. 100% stock, never been "pimped out" lol it was the vouge edition though, so it has all gold emblems, and they really are gold casue they cost me a ton when i had to replace one letter in the "cadillac" on the door, i had to go to vouge and get the emblems.

great tow vehicle, i pulled my 6000lb boat and it didnt even feel like it was pulling a load.

it gets 12mpg in city traffic driving, about 18mpg on the highway.

blue book on is 13.5k private party value. i want 11k for it.

i love this truck, but i drive over 100 miles a day and 18mpg just aint cutting it.