Description: 1998 Z28 Camaro, Automatic transmission
402 iron block stroker motor from scpc, diamond forged dish nitrous pistons as well as the rest of the bottom end.
Cam motion custom cam 620lift, the sheet isnt infront of me at time I made this listing but its like 242/248/112lca, ported stock heads from local machine shop 2.02 1.60, flow test 306 cfms but I dont have a flow sheet, 650lift double spring sdpc valves, manily push rods.

th400 transmission w/ custom nitrous converter. BMR trac pack torque arm kit w/ sub frames. lakewood LCAs. BMR th400 cross member. Hurst quarter stick shifter.

Moser 12 bolt, 3.42 gears, 1350 yolk, 33 spline axles. abs and all that. chrome cover.

holly 255lph fuel pump and SVO 42lb injecters

weld drag lite rims. m/t drag radials with 200 miles.

New two piece BBK aliminum intake, whisper lid.

TNT f2 nitrous kit is connected, However I havent sprayed it with this set up listed above becaus currently I havent had time or motivation to take it to be tuned again to spray.

I have less then 1,500 miles on all of the above parts. I am sure that I am leaving out some but that is all that I can think of at the moment. Its built to run well on nitrous, not motor however I think its going to really shine on motor to. I have an hp tuner but so far I have only taken it to be tuned on motor for driveability, making it idle and put the air/fuels basicially where they need to be. it still has a hard time ideling in the morning when its cold for the first 3-6 minutes but im sure thats in the tune as well.

I am selling it becaus I dont really have alot of intrest in it anymore. 90% of the time It just si ts back home in my parents garage where I just drive it town and back about once a week to keep it going. I am sure I am leaving out some stuff here and there. Ill edit this post as I think.

Here is my webshots for more pics

ph#803.397.5212 email-
Location: Columbia, South carolina
Mileage: 70K on the body and odometer. Motor has roughly 500 miles, rear end has a few thousand and transmission has a few thousand.
VIN Number: 2g1fp22g0w2119632
asking 17,000 nego