Okay this car was my daily driver from 2001-2008

I'm asking $5,000 OBO.

The transmission is out of the car right now. It needs a new flywheel, clutch and a tranny rebuild. The transmission is still drivable but 3rd only works when you are running it through the gears and 2nd just started grinding.

The steering rack is also leaking and will need to be fixed. It is still drivable but fluid tends to get on the driver side o/2 sensor and make it misfire.

The engine has the LS6 intake, Ram Air air box from suncoast to go with the Raptor hood. Also SLP long tube headers going into a flowmaster merge collector out to a flowmaster muffler. Also a strut tower brace and Hypertech Power Programmer III (Not being used currently).

I have the factory LS1 Intake, exhaust manifolds and y-pipe (cats cut off and pipe welded in their place though)

I have two inner wheel well plastics for the front wheel wells, the passenger side is messed up but never got around to putting them on.

I also have eight brand new K&N HP-1007 oil filters. I bought a bunch on sale on amazon a few years ago.

The intererior is in really good shape for the amound of miles, the driver side floor mat has a whole from my heel in it but the carpet it good, there are some stains but no rips. The driver side seat broke about two years ago and I picked up an electric seat from a junk yard and it is in good condition. There are no cracks in the dash.

The stereo is:

Clarion DXZ655MP. CD/MP3/WMA Head unit
Clarion DCZ625 6-disc cd changer
Siruis Satellite radio (integrated with head unit) SIR-CL2
Rockford Fozgate Amp with two AudioBahn 8" subs in the sail panels
Unfortunetly I cut up the sale panels for the subs to fit so there is no grill on them, I intended on fixing this but never got around to it.

The car has a mannix alarm installed but I unplugged it last year due to it going off all the time in the driveway.

The rear-end had an axle replaced and all bearings and seals replaced about 60,000 miles ago.

The car has two 70% tread fuzions up front and two 90% tread Cooper zeons in the back. Notice in the pictures below that the front wheels do not match the back ones. That is because I currently have the two twist spokes with the fuzions on the 96 in the garage. I will put those back on the car when it sells, just figured if it was sitting there I'd use the tires.

I have all documentation for major work and parts purchased for the car through the years. I am the second owner. I bought the car with 53,000 miles.

Here is a video of the car starting and running, Since the tranny is out it is loud due to the exhaust being partially off and I have to push the clutch switch by hand to start it. When I'm reving it I'm reving to 4,000 rpms, the engine runs VERY strong, its had Mobile 1 at regular 3,000mile or less intervales it whole life.


The car has clear coat issues on the hood and front bumper along with back bumper. Then also just your average scratches and things throughout the body.

Please PM me with any questions, I'll email intererior pics to anyone who is serious, just didn't want the thread to be any longer than needed.