I have a 95 Z28 with 60,390 miles on it for sale. The car is red w/t-tops, A4 and 3:23's. It's all stock except for a K&N filter, aluminum driveshaft and heavy duty zexel torsen diff. from a 96 SS (I have the original parts if you want them). The following has been done to the car within the last 1,500 miles:

New Items
GM Dash Panel $239.68
GM Floor Mats $ 69.30
GM T-Top Shades $156.86
GM Headlight Ring $ 55.81
GM A/C Pressure Switch $ 63.75
BF Goodrich Tires g-force T/A $657.42
Aluminum Driveshaft (00 Trams Am) $120.83
Spicer U-Joints X-795 $ 44.37
H.D. Zexel Differential $193.99
Rear Axle Bearings/Seals $ 55.95
Brakes/Rotors $111.44
K&N Filter $ 35.94
Rear hatch struts $ 57.63
Total $1862.97

The cooling system has been flushed and filled with GM Dexcool antifreeze. The brake system has been flushed and filled with Prestone DOT3. The transmission/torque convertor has been flushed and filled with Mobil 1 synthetic and new filter. The rearend has new bearings and seals and is filled with Mobil 1 synthetic. The engine oil has been changed and is Mobil 1 synthetic (5W-30) with K&N oil filter. This service cost over $300.

I will be happy to email pics upon request. If you are close to Savannah, GA. feel free to look at it in person. I'm asking $7,200.00 obo