hello everyone i have a treat for you. i have a red 91 supercoupe 5 spd with a rebuilt motor done less than 5k miles ago. It is pushing 10 lbs of boost.as all scs do my harmonic balancer crapped out and i am tired of dealing with it since i have a ws6 to enjoy. it is really quite clean and can send pics. other than that the windshield is slightly cracked not bad paint and interior are good motor and tranny are great. i am selling this car for 900 or trades call me 740 236 4887. i actually have the aftermarket balancer ready to install but couldnt find a bolt to put it on since its a deeper snout and i am tired of dealing with it. i will sell the balancer new never used for an extra 200. if i trade it i will include the balancer in the trade. i live in ft stewart georgia