The car has 61,000 miles on it. It spent its whole life in NC until January 2005. At that time a guy from NJ bought it but never titled or registered it. I bought it from him. It had 2 owners in NC. Technically I'm the 4th owner, but as far as paperwork goes I am the 3rd owner. I have the window sticker and dealer invoice from GM. I have inspection receipts from NC that show the mileage at the time of inspection, which document the mileage as original. The car was repainted before I bought it, not sure when. It is a nice quality repaint, not perfect but very good. Other than the repaint the car is very original and unrestored. Everything including the twilight sentinel and power antenna works. The only items I'm not sure about are the cruise control and the light on the dash that indicates turbo boost. Otherwise everything works. The interior is in above average condition. The driver's seat now has a 1" tear on it that would be between your knees when you’re sitting in the seat. Should be an easy repair. The car currently has a CD player in the dash but I have the original Delco tape player/stereo. The car has an unusual combination of options. Heavily padded landau top, T-Tops, cornering lamps, twilight sentinel, power seat, power antenna, lower chrome trim, concert sound II. Car is optioned like a Limited but it is a standard Regal T. I have replaced the alternator, battery, heater hoses, heater core, water pump, brake bowl, starter, tires and had the A/C changed to modern refrigerant. New tires are BF Goodrich Radial T/As with raised white letters. I have added Kirban front frame braces and Kirban rear seat braces. These really help to firm up the body on a T-Top car. These are bolt in parts that are easily removed if desired. The car is a high quality driver that needs very little work to be exceptional. The car runs and drives 100%. I use it as my daily driver and it runs and drives great. Any other info or pictures that are desired can be provided, e-mail for info. $10,000 Thanks, Kevin