Very good friend's car and she needs to sell it due to an unexpected twist from the IRS this year.

I was involved in the search to find it for her, checked it out personally and we drove it back from Sand Springs. It was a GM "buy back" due to a sunroof problem, our local dealer fixed that. How the other dealer could overlook a simple TSB is beyond me.

"That" color of medium blue that's hard to find - especially with a factory sunroof.

N/A 3.8 FWD 4T65E-HD but it's one of those factory freaks, feels like it would dyno out way above specs. Don't have the build #s at present but the suspension seems to be tighter than most.

Mobil 1 since she got it and averages around 32 mpg on the highway. Almost new tires. Approx 45K actual miles and most are highway. All records and while I can't sell insurance by law I can say that this thing is in exceptional shape and runs like a bat out of - you know. She never drove it that way but on the occasions I got the wheel it was a pure pleasure.

Everything is 100% except for a slight dent in the front hood. Interior is 100%, CD player, premium sound etc.

She's asking $16K due to the condition of the car.

If anyone is interested I'll put some pix up but she's already got a couple of offers.

Car is located in Oklahoma City, delivery is possible.