Hey guys... I know my first post is in the "for sale" section and I hope that doesn't upset some of you, but I'm only doing this so I can fund my next car and become an actual full fledged LS1 owner and not a troller. I've been building and tuning LT1's for a few years and currently own a 96 Impala that runs 11.20's at 121 mph with nothing stripped.

Well... Here it is... a 2004 Nickey Hayden Race Replica RC51, 1000cc V-twin that will twist 10500rpm as fast as you can twist the trottle and this bike comes straight from HRC (Honda Racing Corp) and not their Mass Production Line. . Its a beautiful bike and is a real head turner especially when they hear the chop of the V-twin through the carbon fiber Yoshi Cans. Its not for the faint of heart because it is actually designed for an Intermediate to Expert Rider due to its aggressive handling characteristics.

I'm asking $7000 but would be more than happy to trade towards an LS1 6sp Camaro, preferably an 01-02 SLP car but I'm not apposed to anything light in a LS1 Camaro 6sp. Would love a Hard Top. I'm anxious to get her because I'm itching to let the modding begin.

Thanx guys for checking out my listing and i can't wait to start trading knowledge and info with you guys
Steve Logston
Miami Muscle and Performance