Car is currently in storage (Carjacket and two Dustop covers) and have a chance to buy and 06 GTO for a good price. Will try this for just a couple of days then pass on the 06. 04 black with red interior, has 76xx miles on it. Winter stored every year, been caught in the rain a few times, never seen an automatic car wash, exceptionally clean, no body damage or issues. Nothing but Zaino in and out. Car currently has a stock exit Magnaflow exhaust that has been on the car for 4000 miles, same for the CAI box, same for the carbon fiber intake runner, same for the Diablo tune. Will sell the car as it stands with the bolt ons for $20200, also will pull the exhaust, CAI box, intake and Diablo and sell for $19500. While I appreciate everyone has an opinion on pricing I'm entitled to mine. Please keep this thread associated with interest in the car, not whether my price is where the market is. I have no problem keeping this car as it is trouble free and paid for. I keep everything very clean and use Mobil one every 2-3K or so. Oil was last changed at 5900 miles. Email your interest at Thanks for your legitimate interest.