Hello yall,

After alot of consideration Ive come the the realization that Its time for me to part with the evo. Here's a list of facts and parts on the car:

Tarmac Black 2004 evo VIII. 26K miles on the odometer.

New motor has 1700 miles on it as well as: shep stage 3 trans with evo 9 1st gear and all the goodies. Shifts like butter. At this point Ive never no-lift shifted on the trans( I know I suk).

BR 2.0 shortblock with turbo tuff rods
shep stage 3 trans
Shep stage 3 Tcase( needs new ring n pinion, Im willing to do the work, please let me know)
exedy triple plate clutch
comp cams 280/280
custom head work at a local shop
supertech valvetrain with bronze guides
Map rev3 intake mani
65mm tb
Buschur racing front mount IC with piping
FPred 80mm with all the porting goodies
Shearer tubular exh mani
MAP O2 dump/down pipe
BR racing exhaust with straight pipe
custom intake w option for headlight removal
SPEED DENSITY tuned by Jr. Let me just tell you the car has never studdard or broke up since it was built.
E85 and 93 oct maps
RPF-1 with hoosier dr's on
stock gold rims with 1000miles on BFgoodridge street tires
a stock exhaust with cat for inspection
BR mustache bar
BR lightweight aluminum rear
cheap set of lowering springs
ring wing gone and patched n painted
Small radiator

I wish I had a weight on the car but I dont at this time. It is partially gutted. Nothing in the back of this car. Up front I have the radio just not in the car. No AC but it does have heat, power steering, power windows and locks, both front seats, dash, and panels all in the car. I regret to say that I threw out the center counsil. The car made 600/539 at turbotrix last summer 2010 in 107 degree weather!

To date its ran a best 10.29@ 141mph! This was with a 1.81 60ft and I hit the rev limiter on all my passes on this day. I had laptop issues preventing me from increasing the limit! And since Ive stiffened up the rear the car comes out of the hole too hard. I was in the center of the track by the end of 1st gear. This car has easy mid 9's in it with a good driver and slicks. Who knows maybe even the record all while on the stock ecu and street legality! I could be missing some things here.

My wife has a video of the 10.29/10.38 passes from the summer on her cell phone with very poor quality. Unfortunetely the t case gave out due to very poor track prep and too much spinning. All it needs is a new shep ring n pinion. Im willing to do the labor for free if I have someone serious about the sale. Title is in hand. Im the only owner of the car. It has some flaws in the paint around the roof. there is 1 ding on the passenger side door. Minor. I personally was going to get it repainted so it looked perfect.

If you have any interest please contact me or questions. Ill post some pics later today. Its in a small garage so its hard to get a good shot of it. but Ill post em up.
Asking 18.5K without t case work.

Old videos 2nd at 530whp no speed density. 1st is at 600whp on a very hot day

1-13-20111 :: 20100721155739 video by dconomon - Photobucket

1-13-20112 :: 20100402205943 video by dconomon - Photobucket