I am a little embarassed about this, but I have a 2003 Kia Spectra, it has only 43K miles on it, but its as basic as you can get. 5 speed, roll up windows, manual locks. I am looking for $7K, due to thats whats left on the loan. The color is Maroon, and does have some minor dings to it, but not bad. Have a custom intake and exhaust on it. Yes, I know its a kia, but I had a hard time getting the little civics to try and race me. Overall not a bad car. Have had NO problems with it what-so-ever.

Also, I have a 2005 Suzuki GSX-R 600 with a little over 1100 miles on it. It has $7900 left on the loan. Thats what I am looking for. Unfortunately it has been dropped. Only one left side. Still completely rideable. Just got a left fairing, tailpiece, and stator covor that is scuffed up. I have had the wheels custom painted international orange. Basically neon orange. Most of the little gizmo's are painted the same color. By gizmos I mean the shifter, the brake, and the footpegs, stuff like that. The color of the bike is yellow and blue

If interested, reply to this post, or email me at jwindbigler@yahoo.com


All vehicles in San Diego, and prefer not to ship anywhere