I'm putting my 2002 TA out on the market since I never drive it anymore and we're expecting another kid here in ~8months. I bought the car new in 02 and am asking 22k for it. Let me know if there are any questions or if you would like to check it out. Pics are located at http://horsepowerjunkies.com/forums/...ad.php?t=68250
I have a digital camera handy if a certain pic is desired. Thanks for looking

~47000 miles
Midnight blue metallic in what I think is pretty good darn shape with black leather interior.

Rims: Stock WS6
Front are Kumho MX with a couple thousand miles on them. Rear are Nitto drag radials with ~200 miles. Just far enough for the install and a couple of trips to Mayhem Motorsports and to work.

Moser 12bolt with 4.10s
Detriot True track differential
Ram pressure plate
Ram 910 disk
Spec billit flywheel

Stock except for subframes, strut tower brace brace, and a tranny tunnel brace (The stock one was removed after the exhaust install)

Pacesetter long tubes with air injection hooked up.
Catted y pipe from Texas speed and performance
Borla catback with eletric cutout.

Cam is 113LSA lift ~0.58/0.59 duration 228/232 (approximate, I don't have the cam card infront of me)
ARP fasteners
New gaskets for water pump, front cover, exhaust manifolds
Fel pro head gaskets
Texas speed and performance ported LS6 oil pump
Patriot Stage II heads 59cc volume (11 to 1 compression)

ported stock tb
home made cold air kit. I did not like how the lid would not seal so I made a new setup.
TNT F1 kit jetted to 125hp. It has been installed on the car for about 3 years and I am on my 3rd bottle. The only time the last fill up was used was for tuning at Mayhem.

Custom tune by Mayhem (installed TR6 plugs at the time as well, ~ 200 miles ago)
Autometer fuel pressure gauge
Autometer nitrous pressure gauge
MSD window switch (set to 3k to 6k)
Racetronix fuel pump

The car dynoed at 403hp and 375ftlbs through the 12 bolt and low 500s on the spray.