I'm in the process of buying a '99 Z28 'vert and long story short, the wife says the bonnie has to go. Here's the specific's: 64,000 miles, I believe the only option the car doesnt have is heated seats, car is bone stock, never been touched/no mods and runs strong (for a bonneville, lol). The car is in excellent condition, has a few minor chips on the nose (to be expected for the mileage), but as you can see from the pic's, it's extremely clean. The only things I've done to the car, is tint the windows 20% all around, replaced the factory exhaust tips with the dual/dual chrome tips, and I put the 17" Enkei DM5 wheels on (I still have the factory silver 5 stars that can go with the car, if wanted). Everything on the car is in perfect working condition and the a/c blows COLD and she averages ~25mpg, even better on the highway.

I'm asking $13,900 OBO

Here are a few pic's:

Here's a shot of the factory wheels:

Some interior pic's

Feel free to ask any questions whatsoever, joe_hinkle@hotmail.com or PM me. Once again, $13,900 OBO.

FYI, just had a fresh oil change and new air filter put in the car today.

Thanks for looking,