Hate to sell my baby, but I'm going back to school in the fall and need to sell her sometime this summer.

2000 SS dark blue, true SLP car w/door jam sticker. Centermount exhaust, SLP lid, Hurst 6-speed. Interior is tan and in great shape. Body is dark blue, very good shape for year of car. Does have some scratches on the lower bumper, and some minor stone chips and surface scratches in a few spots, but not very noticeable unless you look for them. Car has been garage stored and covered every winter. Car has just over 73,000 miles. Tires have plenty of tread, were replaced about 20,000 miles ago. Rims are factory chrome 17" SS rims. Alternator was replaced about a year ago. Coolant was flushed just last year. Fuel filter changed last year. Has always ran on full synthetic oil. Top is tan, has no leaks, and has the hard plastic boot. Everything is stock except:

a)Installed Hurst skip-shift eliminator
b)Stereo is a Pioneer 50W per channel
c)rear-end was rebuilt about 1,000 miles ago, went with 3.73 gears vs. the 3:46 stock gears (muuuch quicker at takeoffs
d)Brakes and rotors all replaced about 1,000 miles ago.

I do have receipts for the rearend and brake work from Tuffys. Sorry, don't have the one on the alternator.

Selling the car at $10,900 no trades. Know it's probably quite a bit below what car is worth, but I'd like to sell her fairly quick. Remember, their are alot of SS hardtops out their, and quite a few Camaro convertibles, but very few SS Convertibles especially with these SLP options.

I will, in late April, be posting an ad in Michigan Auto and RV magazine (like Autoswapper mags, but it's free) and will also be posted on their website with a pic of the car-autorv.com.

I'm sorry, I don't have a scanner on my computer, so I don't have a pic available for this site. But believe me, it's a very beutiful car!

So, if you live near mid-michigan (or however far you want to drive) and are serious about purchasing, please e-mail me direct at jcmi@webtv.net and I'll get back with you asap.