Ok so I'm looking for a Trans Am so the escalade has to go. It has right at 60k miles which is very low for this vehicle. This will change b/c I do still drive it. It is stored in a garage, although it's not in the pictures. Only mods to it are a K&N air filter and ventshades. Kbb is right at 17.5k and since the mileage is low I think that's a good price to start it at. It has all the options: heated seats, factory chrome wheels, rear air, 4wd, leather, woodgrain, etc..

I am also willing to trade for a 98-02 Trans Am (doesnt have to be a WS6)with low mileage and an M6. However i still owe a little over 5k on it. Title is held by my credit union so it wouldnt take long to recieve the title. You could go to the bank with me.

I see 99's with much higher mileage going for more than I'm asking. I'll attach the only two pictures of it that I have. I will take some more soon.

She is a little dirty, but that was after a trip to Gatlinburg. Any questions post or pm me. Thanks guys!